Club Crest

The Grimsby Town club crest in its current form is celebrating over 50 years and was devised in 1972 by George Palejowski of The Carpathian Lancers that settled in Grimsby after the war, who then went on to become an architect.

Although many of the immediately-recognised features were there, it has changed peripherally over the decades, due to slight tweaks or print reproduction. Every iteration of it has a small story to tell. When did the fish get eyes? Who refused to place a full stop after the ‘C’? Walk around Blundell Park and you’ll see at least four or five different versions of our favourite shield and sash.

A modernised version, with two trawlers dropped and the inclusion of three fish, was designed in the mid-70’s. Rumour has it that the three fish are linked with England’s three lions.

The Grimsby Town Football Club Crest is made up of 4 separate elements:

  1. The Trawler and Established Date
  2. The Logotype
  3. The Fish Symbols
  4. The Black and White Stripes

The club’s emblem is a reference to Grimsby’s location. The original crest contains a shield with three trawlers denoting Grimsby’s connection with fishing, set against the club colours of black and white stripes.